Carlsbad Ocean Front Homes

Carlsbad Ocean Front Homes can be found on the famous Ocean Street in Northwest Carlsbad.  Ocean Street offers a combinations of residential single family homes, condos and townhouses.

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May 31

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Carlsbad tends to have a limited number of ocean front condos when compared with other beach towns in San Diego county.  The large majority of these condos are located on the street called "The Strand" is where you will find the most amazing properties located on the beach.  This street ends at a certain point and the street called "South Pacific Street" becomes the small section where you will also find very nice beach front homes and condos.  Located towards the very end of Pacific Street where it meets Carlsbad Blvd is the last beach front condo building commonly known as Las Brisas.  We typically call this type of location as an end unit location which means you get to enjoy direct ocean views as well as side views of the Carlsbad coastline.  These

Jan 26

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We recently received a call from one of our clients that was interested in putting her home on the market.  The home had been a rental for about 20 years but was still in relatively good condition.  One of her friends indicated to her that she should sell the property "as-is" so she would not have to worry about fixing any repairs, etc to the home.  She asked me if I thought this was a good idea and I said buyers can look at this one of two ways.  First, when a home is being advertised for sale in "as-is" condition some buyers believe that the home will need a lot of work which the owner is not willing to do.  I have to admit when I hear that phrase I often wonder myself if there are any repairs that need to be made.  There is another set of buyers that

Jul 29

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The Carlsbad Real Estate market like most other markets in California has really seen a surge in real estate prices over the past year.  It's been really amazing to watch as homes that used to be hard to sell and selling within a matter of days with real estate prices going higher and faster than a lot of buyers have ever seen.  Some homes in the Carlsbad area have dramatically gone up in price and for those who have flipping properties over the past 12 months have been extremely lucky in the timing of all of this.  The real question that everyone is thinking is how much longer will this real estate boom last?  In order to try and figure out this answer it's important to understand how we got here.

In 2008, we saw the real estate economy collapse and

May 26

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Carlsbad has had a number of a number of brand new construction homes and communities that have been built in the last several years.  One of the biggest communities was the Robertson Ranch neighborhood which featured upscale homes located in 4 different neighborhoods to choose from.  There have also been several smaller neighborhoods that has been built in the last several years with a variety of detached single family homes to residential townhouses and condos.  There are many owners who buy these newer homes as investment properties and quickly rent them out after making a purchase.  These are great properties to find for lease since you are moving into a home that potentially has never been lived in.

We did a quick search and didn't find any brand

Feb 28

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Carlsbad has a wide range of rentals from luxury ocean view condos to large two story estate homes.  One of the more requested type of home are those properties located on one story.  It seems like this is becoming the trend as more and more people are looking for homes that accommodate a main floor bedroom which are incorporated into single level properties.  Carlsbad has so many great communities it would be hard to explain every single neighborhood where you could find one story homes.  With that being said some of the more popular places to look for detached single family homes would be like the La Costa area of Carlsbad.  There are many great one story properties located here that often come with a good lot size especially if it's an older home.

Dec 31

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The real estate market in Carlsbad remains to be very strong with some really amazing properties selling this year.  We are very optimistic for 2021 as long as interest rates remain low and the demand for housing remains high.  The 3 highest sales this year ranged between $3,450,000 to $3,500,000 with a brief description of each of these properties.  We look forward to assisting you in 2021. The highest sale this year in Carlsbad was located at 7151 Latitude Lane and sold for $3.5 million on 10/02/2020.  This was a rather large house with an approximate 9,728 square feet and a total of 8 bedrooms and an 8 car garage according to our multiple listing service.  The home was only on the market for 26 days and sold down from the original list price of

Jun 29

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Buying real estate is all about location and one of the more popular requests that we get from clients is finding a home located on a cul-de-sac street.  There are several benefits for living in this kind of location as clients normally tell us they want this location of location for the following reasons.  The first reason is most families that have children want an area outside there home where their kids can play without the fear of many passing by cars.  Being located on a cul-de-sac location usually means that there will be less cars passing by unless those coming from people who live on that immediate street.  This allows for children to play without the fear of a lot of cars passing by them.  

Another reason why clients tell us they want a

Mar 31

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One of the most common questions we get from real estate home buyers is the question about Mello Roos.  I heard this term a lot when I first moved to California and had no idea what people were talking about.  It's worth getting to know this term as it can cost you a lot of money if the home has it.  It's pretty simple, home builders are always looking to save costs when building a brand new community.  Often times they will create a bond called Mello Roos which essentially pass on many of the neighborhood building costs to the buyer.  Things like sidewalks, streets, etc are costs that are often paid by the buyer in a Mello Roos bond.  The bond itself normally ranges around 30 years but I've seen it as low as 25 years, it all depends on various factors.

Jul 30

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Real Estate agents have a great tradition that helps them learn what homes are on the market at any given time.  The term Broker Preview is what is commonly referred to as an open house for real estate agents which happened on a given day and time every week.  This way agents can have a chance to view any of the newly listed homes on the market without having to make an appointment with the listing agent.  This is crucial as time is of the essence and during a broker preview it's not unrealistic to see anywhere from 10 to 15 homes within a three hour window.  Often times agents will specialize in a specific neighborhood which makes it crucial that have seen every home that comes on the market in their area.

Each town has it's own date and time when

Feb 4

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The Mills Act is a federally run program that offers huge discounts on property taxes for those who own historic homes.  We have received several inquiries from clients who are looking for a home that is covered by the Mills Act in the city of Carlsbad.  When looking on the Internet for properties you will often find two designations when it comes to the Mills Act.  The first are properties that are "eligible" for the Mills Act but have not gone through the application process.  Some clients don't want these kind of properties since the application process can take up to 9 months and there is no guarantee the property will be accepted.  The second set of advertised properties are those that already have the Mills Act designation.  This is a huge selling

Oct 12

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2018 has been a great year for Carlsbad real estate with a very strong economy and buyer confidence at an all time high.   The highest sale this year took place this year at 2649 Ocean Street as pictured below.  The 5 bedroom home offered 6,358 square feet of living space and sold for $11,500,000 and closed escrow on March 16th, 2018.  The property was originally listed at $14,950,000 and was on the market for a total of 110 days when the owners accepted the offer.  The location was a premier ocean front spot along the famous Ocean Street that is lined with luxury homes with stunning white water views.  2649 Ocean Street was truly amazing and was newlyweds built in 2017 and offered a very Contemporary architectural design both inside and out.  All 3

Aug 15

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Legoland is one of the main attractions for tourists who visit the beach town of Carlsbad, California.  The theme park is located very close to the beach off Palomar Airport Road on the east side of the 5 freeway.  It's also within close proximity to the Carlsbad Premium Outlet shopping center which features high end shopping near the freeway.  Beyond the numerous shopping and restaurants located in this area are several residential neighborhoods that are within close proximity to Legoland.  All of these homes offer an easy 5 minute drive down to the beach with easy freeway access.  Here is a quick guide to the different communities found in this immediate area.

Located on the ocean side of the freeway is a very popular neighborhood called "Terramar

Jun 5

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One of the hottest condo complex's in Carlsbad is the Pacific View townhomes community.  This is an older complex that is approximately 11 years old and has recently get a renovated face lift and being offered again for sale as premier water front and beach close condos.  As of today, 3 of the 5 properties that have been released are currently under contract and were just released for sale staring in the month of Carlsbad.  What makes these condos so unique?  Well, for starters the location is really hard to beat.  The location is on Carlsbad Blvd which can be a busy street but the city of Carlsbad has very few homes and buildings located right on the sand so buildings located on the east side of Carlsbad Blvd are considered "ocean front" since they have

Jan 5

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There are a lot of rental options in the beach town of Carlsbad from magnificent ocean front homes and condos to traditional style homes in well established neighborhoods.  Many of the requests that we get are for those looking for a rental that accepts pets.  This is always a tricky thing to navigate as many landlords don't want to have to deal with damage that may occur in relation to having a pet.  There are some landlords that are very pet friendly and have advertised there home as available for those renters that do have pets.  Those listings are few and between and are listed here.  There is also a selection of rental properties were the owner is open to negotiating on pets.  These are typically the best types of rentals for pet owners as they might

Dec 7

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We are always asked where are the most expensive properties located in Carlsbad and are simple is "the beach."  In fact, this is true for this year's top 3 sales in the Carlsbad as two of the three were located on the beach on the famous Ocean Street.  2016 was an incredible year in Carlsbad with already 1,734 homes sold and counting for the remainder of this month.  Here is a recap of what homes sold for the most money in the beach community of Carlsbad, California.

The first two highest sale this year goes to an oceanfront home located at 2497 Ocean Street in Carlsbad.  The home sold for $4.2 million and closed escrow on 08/02/2016.  This was a private sale that sold even before the home came on the market and was originally marketed at $4,450,000.

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