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Dec 29

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The Carlsbad Real Estate market saw some strong sales in 2022 but nothing like 2021 where we saw one home sell for $10 million and another one sell for a record $20 million dollars.  This year we saw some of the most expensive homes sold being located on either the ocean front or water front locations.  The real estate market from last year was very different as the craze of low inventory combines with low interest rates with a huge demand caused prices to go way up with multiple buyers often competing for the same property.  In contrast, 2022 real estate prices still remained in place but with higher interest rates we saw properties stay on the market longer with less of competition among buyers.  All three of the most expensive homes were all under $6.5

Nov 30

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Carlsbad has a lot of water lagoons that include Buena Vista, Aqua Hedionda and Batiquitos Lagoon.  The latter one is located on the very south end of the city and surrounded by some of the most prestigious communities and homes in all of the Carlsbad.  If you have never been to the city of Carlsbad then like me try to explain this area for you.  The Lagoon basically covers a small area that heads out into the Pacific Ocean and is a common thing to find throughout the city.  There are a variety of areas that are located in the surrounding area, the biggest one being the Aviara communities.  The Aviara area is a very upscale area and is where you will find the Four Seasons and Park Hyatt Resort hotels as well some amazing gated communities that are home to

Oct 31

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Carlsbad has a wide variety of long term rentals that range from 12 to 24 month leases to shorter term rentals of 1 to 6 months.  Properties are either a long term lease with no exceptions or the owner is doing a full time vacation rental for the property on a short term basis.  Rarely do you see a property that is totally flexible in doing a short or long term lease but a new listing hast just come up that is doing exactly that.  The property is located at 1257 Magnolia Street which is a beautiful detached single family home that was built in 1950.  It features a total of four bedrooms, three baths with an approximate 2,448 square feet with two levels of living space.  The property is being advertised as being completely remolded and fully furnished so

Sep 30

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One of the most sought after neighborhoods in the La Costa area of Carlsbad is the La Costa Heights community.  The La Costa Valley area is well known for having a nice variety of single family homes and residential condos that surprisingly can be offered at some great price points.  With the ever changing real estate market many sellers that need to sell are getting more motivated and willing to negotiate off their price. Real Estate prices currently start in the mid $500,000 for a one bedroom condo and just under one million for a single family home.  One of the biggest selling features for this community is it's prime location in the La Costa area.  Within a short driving distance there some really great amenities that include luxury cinemas, 24 hour

Aug 30

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We have a lot of buyers looking for ocean view homes in the Carlsbad area in a wide variety of price points.  Finding a home under $500,000 in the Carlsbad area is very tough to find and finding one with an ocean view as truly rare.  One of the new listings that came on the market 3 days ago caught our eye since the two bedroom, two bath home offered panoramic ocean views and is listed at $459,000.  Many buyers would ask what the catch as this price point is too good to be true.  There are some things to consider when looking at this listing.  First, this is a manufactured home that is located in the gated community called Lanakai Lane in Carlsbad.  The home has the look and feel of a traditional single family home but in fact it's a manufactured home.

Jul 26

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We receive a lot of calls from buyers who are looking to buy in a senior community for those older than 55 years of age.  There are several senior communities that are located throughout Carlsbad like Lakeshore Gardens, Rancho Carlsbad, Solamar, among others.  One thing that we see in a lot of senior communities in North San Diego county is that you don't own the land underneath the home.  This is especially true for manufactured home communities like Lakeshore Gardens that charge a monthly space rent fee that can average around $2,000 a month.  One of the more popular communities in Carlsbad where you actually own the land is a neighborhood called Camino Hills.   There are many residents who live in the Carlsbad area that are not aware of this community

Jun 29

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There are a lot of advantages for renting a fully furnished rental property here in the Carlsbad area of Southern California.  We have a lot of clients looking for short term rentals that range anywhere from one to six months depending on the current condition.  A large majority of these are those on vacation to the Carlsbad area and looking to stay during any of the summer months with July being the number one requested month.  There are also clients who are either remolding their home or have some kind of water or fire damage and need to find a short term rental property while they have that work done.  Typically these clients are looking anywhere from one to three months.  We also have other clients who are thinking about buying a home but want to get

May 31

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Carlsbad tends to have a limited number of ocean front condos when compared with other beach towns in San Diego county.  The large majority of these condos are located on the street called "The Strand" is where you will find the most amazing properties located on the beach.  This street ends at a certain point and the street called "South Pacific Street" becomes the small section where you will also find very nice beach front homes and condos.  Located towards the very end of Pacific Street where it meets Carlsbad Blvd is the last beach front condo building commonly known as Las Brisas.  We typically call this type of location as an end unit location which means you get to enjoy direct ocean views as well as side views of the Carlsbad coastline.  These

Apr 29

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Carlsbad is a really great place to live with a wide range of properties to choose from.  These will range to small beach bungalows near the beach to awesome water view residential condos overlooking the Lagoon and Pacific Ocean.  The Carlsbad area is also home to a lot of golf courses as well with many condo buildings enjoying wonderful golf course view condos.  There are some really great buildings to choose from if you know where to look.  Here is our quick guide to the best Carlsbad golf course view condos for sale.

The first place we recommend are the condos located around the Omni La Costa Resort golf course.  There is a small section of residential condos that sit directly in the middle of the golf course as pictured below that can offers some

Mar 29

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The Buena Vista Lagoon area covers a large body of water that separates the cities of Carlsbad and Oceanside, California.  You would expect a lot of homes to be built around the Lagoon but surprisingly there is a limited number of single family homes built in this area.  A new listing has just come on the market next to the Lagoon and appears to be a rare opportunity to own a water front home with a lot of land attached to it.  The three bedroom, three bath home features a total of three bedrooms, three baths with an approximate 2,271 square feet of living space and is on the market for sale for $5.6 million dollars.  So I'm sure you are asking why this home is so expensive when it only features three bedrooms and under 2,300 square feet.  The answer to

Feb 28

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One of the best places to find water view condos is in the area surrounding the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  There are a number of condo buildings in this area that has incredible views that can come with a boat slip as well.  View properties in this area often don't come on the market that often so act quickly if you see a home or condo that appeals to you.  A perfect example of view condos that you can find here are the condos located at 4747 Marina Drive.  This is a good size building in the Lagoon area that features an approximate 30 condos.  

A new listing just came on the market that happens to be located on the upper penthouse level #30 and is currently listed for sale at $1,250,000.  The two bedroom, two bath condo features an approximate 1,248

Jan 26

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We recently received a call from one of our clients that was interested in putting her home on the market.  The home had been a rental for about 20 years but was still in relatively good condition.  One of her friends indicated to her that she should sell the property "as-is" so she would not have to worry about fixing any repairs, etc to the home.  She asked me if I thought this was a good idea and I said buyers can look at this one of two ways.  First, when a home is being advertised for sale in "as-is" condition some buyers believe that the home will need a lot of work which the owner is not willing to do.  I have to admit when I hear that phrase I often wonder myself if there are any repairs that need to be made.  There is another set of buyers that

Dec 23

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The rental market this year has been very busy with a limited number of homes on the market which has caused a huge demand for those looking to find affordable housing in the Carlsbad area.  One unique neighborhood to keep an eye out for would be the Cherry Tree Walk community that is located in the upscale Aviara section of Carlsbad.  The great thing about this community is that you can still find a two bedroom condo that is listed for rent for under $3,000 a month which can be hard to find in todays market.  A new 2 bedroom listing just came on the market 4 days ago and is currently listed at $2,950 a month.  It features an approximate 1,105 square feet built in 2000 and comes with an attached two car garage.  The property comes unfurnished and is ready

Nov 18

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One of the more difficult places to find a rental in the Carlsbad area is a small condo community called Villas De La Costa.  The location is near the La Costa Oaks South area right off Rancho Santa Fe Road in Carlsbad that was newly built back in 2005.  These is a very popular place to live with two story three bedroom homes that often come with an attached two car garage and modern amenities found on the interior of the properties.  These are technically considered a townhome with the multi-level living spaces that often include a family room, kitchen, dining room, primary suite with two additional bedrooms.  The nice thing about these homes when they were built is that some owners added additional CAR5 wiring in the rooms for better internet throughout

Oct 28

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The La Costa Resort condo sales have been strong this year in 2021 with 13 properties having closed escrow as of writing this article. The lowest priced sale was a one bedroom condo that sold for $300,000 on 04/13/21.  The property was originally asking $325,000 and ended up selling for $25,000 less after being on the market for 21 days.  The most expensive sale was a two bedroom master suite condo that sold for $960,000 which was one of the 5 highest priced sales that have occurred in the Villas according to our multiple listing service.  A lot of the condo that sold this year were only on the market for less than one week while others took several months to sell even in a hot market.  One of the reasons for this is that buyers often don't understand how

Sep 29

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There are a lot of buyers looking at manufactured homes in the Carlsbad area that soon learn that there is often a space rent or land lease fee associated with the property.  Some of the senior communities for those older than 55 years of age have very attractive real estate prices which generates a lot of interest.  For example, some manufactured homes will be priced in the $200,000 range and be within walking distance to beach which sounds like a really great value until you learn that the space rent on these homes can often be more than $2,000 a month.  Overall, this still isn't too bad of a deal since renting a home in the Carlsbad area can easily cost you at least $2,000 or more depending on where you live.  In any case, many buyers are looking for

Aug 30

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One of the exciting brand new community is the Laguna Row community in Carlsbad, California.  These are new construction homes built in 2021 that have generated a lot of attention activity since they were first released about 45 days ago.  The residential condos that have been released have all been 3 bedrooms residential condos with a variety of floor plans that have started from 1,535 to 1,651 square feet.  As you can expect with this crazy real estate market all 8 properties that have been released for sale have already received offers and are currently in-escrow.  There are a lot of buyers looking for high quality homes in the Carlsbad area and these sure fit that criteria.

Real Estate prices for the Laguna Sur community currently start from

Jul 29

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The Carlsbad Real Estate market like most other markets in California has really seen a surge in real estate prices over the past year.  It's been really amazing to watch as homes that used to be hard to sell and selling within a matter of days with real estate prices going higher and faster than a lot of buyers have ever seen.  Some homes in the Carlsbad area have dramatically gone up in price and for those who have flipping properties over the past 12 months have been extremely lucky in the timing of all of this.  The real question that everyone is thinking is how much longer will this real estate boom last?  In order to try and figure out this answer it's important to understand how we got here.

In 2008, we saw the real estate economy collapse and

Jun 29

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One of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Carlsbad is the Bay Collection community.  The homes located here are grand and have a lot of architectural style to them.  As you can imagine these homes rarely come on the open market with a limited number of rental homes available for lease at any given time.  A new rental listing just came on the market 5 days in the Bay Collection and has a lot to offer for it's $6,500 a month rental price.  The home features a total of four bedrooms, four and a half baths with an approximate 2,964 square feet of living space according to our multiple listing service.  Featured in this home is an attached two car garage, 4 en-suite bedrooms which means each bedroom has it's own private bath.  In addition there is a main

May 26

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Carlsbad has had a number of a number of brand new construction homes and communities that have been built in the last several years.  One of the biggest communities was the Robertson Ranch neighborhood which featured upscale homes located in 4 different neighborhoods to choose from.  There have also been several smaller neighborhoods that has been built in the last several years with a variety of detached single family homes to residential townhouses and condos.  There are many owners who buy these newer homes as investment properties and quickly rent them out after making a purchase.  These are great properties to find for lease since you are moving into a home that potentially has never been lived in.

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