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Oct 31

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We get a lot of calls from clients looking for manufactured homes.  The problem that many run into is that many of the homes are located on lease land.  That means you don't own the land that is underneath the house and the monthly fee's for leasing it can be expensive.  For example, communities like Lakeshore Gardens has a land lease or commonly referred to as space rent for over $2,000 a month.  This is on top of any mortgage payments you may have if you are getting a loan.  Because of this we have a lot of clients looking for manufactured home communities where you own the land.  Carlsbad has a couple different neighborhoods like Solamar that is located directly across the beach but has very limited inventory and real estate prices that are typically

Sep 30

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A great place to find upscale rental homes in the La Costa area of Carlsbad is the exclusive La Costa Ridge community.  If you are familiar with this community you know that homes for sale rarely comes on the market and this is even more true for rental homes in this area.  One of the reasons for this is the community itself is rather small with a small inventory of homes built here.  A new rental listing just came on the market and has only been on the market for 7 days and has already received a rental application which the owners have accepted.  The four bedroom, five bath home features an approximate 3,641 square feet of living space and was newly built in 2009.  The home comes fully furnished and is listed for lease at $6,250 a month.

One of the

Aug 31

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Most Carlsbad communities tend to be very large and feature a good number of listings at any given time.  One of the exceptions to this is the Saddle Ridge community which is home to 26 luxury estate homes.  Back in 2003, the home builder decided to build large luxury estates that feature homes over 4,00 square feet of living space. These two story homes were built in the Mediterranean style with lots of curb appeal.  On average, we only see about 2 or 3 listings come on the market each year in this community so inventory is also very low.  What you will find are well crated homes that are often times located on a cul-de-sac street with lot sizes that can span over 10,000 square feet.  

There is currently one Saddle Ridge home that is on the market for

Jul 30

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One of the better values in Carlsbad for those looking for a golf course view can be found in the Fairway South community.  Located on a small island of land that is surrounded by the La Costa golf course and on Navarra Drive is a small condo complex with two and three bedroom condo floor plans to choose from.  The two bedroom condos are actually pretty large with an approximate 1,545 square feet.  The three bedrooms are much larger and can go up to one listing that has a reported 2,277 square feet.  The most premium condos will be those that face directly on to the golf course.  One of the newest listings that can be found here is a three bedroom condo with direct golf course views and is currently on the market for $765,000.  It just came on the market

Jun 29

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Buying real estate is all about location and one of the more popular requests that we get from clients is finding a home located on a cul-de-sac street.  There are several benefits for living in this kind of location as clients normally tell us they want this location of location for the following reasons.  The first reason is most families that have children want an area outside there home where their kids can play without the fear of many passing by cars.  Being located on a cul-de-sac location usually means that there will be less cars passing by unless those coming from people who live on that immediate street.  This allows for children to play without the fear of a lot of cars passing by them.  

Another reason why clients tell us they want a

May 31

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One of the more popular areas to live is the La Costa area of Carlsbad.  One of the popular destinations for those coming to visit the Carlsbad area is the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Resort Hotel.  One of the reasons for it's popular is it's large golf course that surrounds the hotel and extends out into many neighborhoods in the La Costa area.  Some of these homes will be located directly on the greenway while others will be located just a short distance away.

Some of the more expensive homes can be found in the Rancho La Costa area where it's not uncommon to see homes that are nearly 4,000 square feet selling in the mid $1 million dollar range.  One of the most prestigious gated communities in this area is called the "Jockey Club" which is home to

Apr 30

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We got a lot of requests from clients looking for a variety of things in a home.  Often times having an ocean view is one of the most requested items but every now and then we have clients asking for homes that also come with a roof top deck.  Since the density of homes here in Carlsbad can be pretty tight the views are often limited from the main living spaces, especially in condos and townhouses.  Having a roof top deck is often times the place where you can find wonderful panoramic and ocean views.  There are several places to look to find homes in the Carlsbad area with rooftop decks.

One perfect place to look is the Buena Vista Village condo complex.  I love the location of this complex as it's located on the ocean side of the 5 freeway and often

Mar 31

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One of the most common questions we get from real estate home buyers is the question about Mello Roos.  I heard this term a lot when I first moved to California and had no idea what people were talking about.  It's worth getting to know this term as it can cost you a lot of money if the home has it.  It's pretty simple, home builders are always looking to save costs when building a brand new community.  Often times they will create a bond called Mello Roos which essentially pass on many of the neighborhood building costs to the buyer.  Things like sidewalks, streets, etc are costs that are often paid by the buyer in a Mello Roos bond.  The bond itself normally ranges around 30 years but I've seen it as low as 25 years, it all depends on various factors.

Mar 11

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One of the newest communities to offer brand new construction homes in Carlsbad is the Ashton on Brady Circle neighborhood.  The homes are located on the street of Brady Circle and hence the name Ashton on Brady Circle.  The street features several upscale homes that were built brand new in 2002 with select properties located on large oversized lots.  The new development is slated for 7 new construction homes with one and two story floor plans.  Two of these homes have been released for sale in our Multiple Listing Service.  The first one is located at 1643 Brady Circle which is a one story home with a total of five bedrooms, four and a half baths and an approximate 2,837 square feet of living space.  It's currently listed at $1,345,000.  One of the

Feb 28

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One of the newest communities to come to the Carlsbad area is the Carlyle Carlsbad Village neighborhood.   These are brand new construction condos that are slated to be completed by the summer of 2020.   The builder has put together a nice set of amenities for those who buy here which include a shared private pool and cabanas and 2 assigned parking space which one of these is dedicated for EV charging.  The location is really key here as it's set on the ocean side of the 5 freeway which is considered one of the most desirable locations in Carlsbad.  It's situated off Carlsbad Village Drive which is the heartbeat to the downtown shopping village area filled with great restaurants and retail shopping that are within walking distance from this location.

Jan 31

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One of the best values by the beach in Carlsbad is the Village by the Sea complex.  These two to three bedroom townhouses have a lot to offer with a location that is approximately a couple blocks to the beach.  Many of these homes are very spacious and can average over 1,500 square feet of living space.  What I really like about these homes is the simple floor plan that offers a living space in the ground level complete with a gas fireplace and a great spot to watch TV.  The mid-level is typically where you will find the dining room which is the perfect ideal gathering space since it looks down onto the first level living room.  Upstairs is where you will find the kitchen with a large island with lots of cabinetry.  

This is a large complex with a

Dec 31

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Finding a home in the Carlsbad area with a downstairs master is a common request that we get from home buyers.  This request is often from those who don't want to take stairs up to the second level which is common among those older in age.  It's also very convenient when making trips to the kitchen and other parts of the house with no steps up to another level.  Home builders are starting to realize the popularity of these one story homes and that's why you are staring to see more new construction homes built on one level.

There are several neighborhoods to consider when looking for a main floor master bedroom.  A new listing just came up on the Poinsettia Heights neighborhood located in the Carlsbad South area.  The three bedroom, three bath home

Nov 22

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Over the past 10 years many of the Carlsbad home builders have incorporated a guest casita into the floor plan.  This can be a big selling feature for those who have generational family members living with them as well as young adults that need some extra space in the home.  It seems that more and more children are staying at home even after graduating high school which makes having a guest casita the ideal situation.  There are several Carlsbad neighborhoods where I can recommend you look.

First, one of the newest communities to incorporate a guest casita is the 12 Pacific Carlsbad community.  The casita is actually attached to the main part of the house but comes with it's own private entrance.  Normally you only see detached casita's on homes

Oct 31

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One of the most sought after new communities in Carlsbad is the Blue Sage neighborhood at the Preserve.  If you are thinking about buying a new home this area of Carlsbad should be on your radar since there is a wide variety of housing available here.  Within the Preserve are 4 different neighborhoods with some of the most affordable homes located at the Blue Sage & Agave community.  The location is near the College Blvd off ramp and the 78 freeway.

Real Estate prices in the Blue Sage community currently start at $572,990 for a three bedroom, three bath home with 1,533 square feet of living space.  This is a lot of square footage for the price not to mention that these are homes that are brand new.  I've had a chance to go through these homes and was

Sep 30

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The homes surrounding the Four Seasons Aviara Hotel are considered some of the best neighborhoods in the Carlsbad area.  As with most Four Seasons resorts the area is simply beautiful with wonderful ocean views surrounded by a lush golf course and upscale homes.  One of the most prestigious neighborhoods is the Avira Point community that is a secure gated community with golf front properties that often feature over 4,000 square feet and offer wonderful golf course and ocean views.  Real Estate prices in this community are often found in the $2 million range for a 5,500 square home with ocean and golf course views.

Another great community is the Pavona and Cantata neighborhood.   This is a great place to find homes located next to the Aviara golf club

Aug 27

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The city of Carlsbad is rich in history with many beautiful historic homes that date back to the early part of the century.  Some of the best places to look is the Olde Carlsbad area that is located in the Village area of the city.  These are beach close properties that have a lot of charm and personality to them and offer a distinctive architectural design.  For those not able to afford the high price tag that these homes often have a great alternative is to rent one these historic gems.  

Rental properties in this area don't come on the market that often for lease and is especially hard for those looking for a long term lease of over one year.  Since many of these properties are located near the main shopping area and the beach owners often use these

Jul 30

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Real Estate agents have a great tradition that helps them learn what homes are on the market at any given time.  The term Broker Preview is what is commonly referred to as an open house for real estate agents which happened on a given day and time every week.  This way agents can have a chance to view any of the newly listed homes on the market without having to make an appointment with the listing agent.  This is crucial as time is of the essence and during a broker preview it's not unrealistic to see anywhere from 10 to 15 homes within a three hour window.  Often times agents will specialize in a specific neighborhood which makes it crucial that have seen every home that comes on the market in their area.

Each town has it's own date and time when

Jun 27

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Some of the first homes in the Cypress neighborhood at the Preserve have been released for sale on our multiple listing service.  The Preserve has been selling homes in the Agave & Acacia neighborhood which first staring offering condos in the low $500,000 range.  Each of the 4 neighborhoods at the Preserve have been built at different times to make sure there is not too much inventory flooded into the marketplace.   Both Agave & Acacia are residential townhome properties with homes still available for sale.  The Cypress community is the first to offer detached homes with it's own fenced yard, rooftop deck, driveway and 2 car garage.  These are very modern homes built within the classic Spanish & Mediterranean architecture.  The 6 different floor plans

May 1

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One of the newest communities in the neighboring town of Carlsbad is the Laurel Cove community in Encinitas.  Laurel Cove is located just east of the freeway near Encinitas Blvd and a short distance to the San Dieguito High School Academy.  There will be a total of 9 homes being built here with several homes already sold and under contract.  The base price is currently $1,375,000 for a four bedroom, four bath home with 2,312 square feet.  Many of the low-priced homes are one story homes which has become a very desirable floor plan among home buyers.  The interiors feature very open floor plans the combine the living room, and kitchen spaces.  The builder took no expense and offer top of the line stainless steel kitchen appliances with a large center

Apr 2

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We recently had a client call into our office asking about the pet policy for the Sea Cliff community here in Carlsbad.  We contacted Andrea at Linday Management services who was very nice and she explained the pet policy to us.  Basically, you are not allowed to have more than 3 pets per dwelling unit.  That means you can have up to 3 dogs which is typically more than what other homeowners associations will allow.  She also let us know that all dogs must be on leashes and under control at all times when on common property or front yard areas.  

Another thing she mentioned to us was about dog behavior and the policies surrounding that.  When your dog is outside you are not allowed to tie it to a tree or fence or anything similar to that.  They also

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